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"Your strengths are that staff are eager to help responsive and pleasant to deal with"

Finance Department Support

Identifying real improvements that will save time and cost
Few of us spend enough time looking at how we can improve the activities around us to improve how things are done. The Finance/Accounts department often has many requirements thrust upon it which removes the value added activities of staff and ads to the monotony of re-keying, slow report generation, following old procedures that haven't been challenged etc.

Can we offer to help you take some 'time out' to see how things could be improved?

The Objective
To spend valuable time working with you 'on' the Accounts department and not 'in' it, identifying where the issues and bottlenecks are, challenging 'standard operating procedures' and contemplating possible solutions.

We learn as much as you do from the meeting, and in most cases the recommendations and thoughts that it provokes are ones that you can make a difference with yourselves. In the longer term though, if we can assist with anything, then we'd be very pleased to help.

The Review
We offer an accounts department review that has 3 very specific activities aimed at achieving concise and focused results.

  1. Discuss - the broad picture
  2. Identify - key issues and outcomes required
  3. Resolve - action strategy to achieve positive change