Cloud Accounting and Electronic Document Management Solutions

Benefits of Document Management

Reduces manual filing and storage
Documents are stored electronically saving you the need to manually file away. For some companies, this will save having to find space for the ever increasing number of lever arch files. Storing documents electronically also means that they will be backed up. It is rare that any company makes photocopies of their paper documents, so the risk of losing these documents through fire or water damage is high.

Electronic transmission to other people inside or outside of the organisation
The scanned document can be easily forwarded to another user. This means that there is a much reduced risk of a paper copy accidentally going missing.

Electronic signature / Authorisation / Notes
You can electronically write, sign, highlight or stamp the scanned image. These annotations are “burned-in” to the document making them permanent.

Link with Accounting Software
There is no need to write the transaction number on the invoice. This will be printed onto a bar-code label at the point of data-entry. Once the invoices are scanned in, File Stream automatically indexes the document by reading the bar-code. This means that when you are looking at the invoice/credit note in Exchequer, the scanned document can be instantly accessed by clicking on the “Show Image” button. Note: Bar codes can also be easily printed for historical items and when these are scanned and indexed they will also be automatically linked to the original transaction.

Audit trail
Every action taken on a document within File Stream is recorded so that the full history from the time it was scanned to now can be viewed allowing you to check who did what and when.

Set up as many filing cabinets as you like
For example, aside from a filing cabinet for Exchequer documents, you could have a filing cabinet for Personnel or Supplier Contracts or Projects allowing you to file all relevant documents together.

Setup as many index fields as you like
Within each filing cabinet you can setup as many index fields as you like. For example, you could have an index field for supplier and project. This will allow you to instantly access documents that relate to a particular supplier or to a particular job, saving time in finding relevant information.

Link with Microsoft Outlook
Just as you can print-off and file an e-mail, you can also send a copy of the e-mail straight into your File Stream in-tray, allowing you to index it into a particular cabinet for future reference.

Ability to Import any electronic document
Any electronic document such as a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet can be picked up and dragged into your in-tray, again allowing you to electronically, store, index, forward-on for authorisation and track.

Other benefits...

  • Making working with documents easier and more efficient.
    Important e-mails and documents are available to all staff.
  • Scanning and indexing documents is quicker and easier than manual filing and prevents the loss of documents.
  • All documents are now backed up providing fail safe disaster recovery.
  • All documents are securely encrypted to provide high level security and confidentiality.
  • Multiple cost savings from reduced use of storage facilities and activities surrounding document retrieval.
  • Improved client client/customer service.
  • Improved regulatory compliance.