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ISTD Embraces Paperless Technology

istdAbout the ISTD
The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) is one of the world's leading dance examinations boards. For over 100 years they have worked with all genres of dance, providing training for dance teachers and examiners with over 250,000 dance examinations globally each year.

ISTD generate their sales invoices from photocopied supporting paperwork. They wanted to increase access this paperwork, reduce photocopying and filing costs and save on storage. On the purchase ledger side, all incoming invoices are scanned and automatically enter a workflow approval process to ensure expenditure is controlled. Whitegate have implemented the File Stream Electronic Document Management system which also links with their Exchequer accounting system. There is now no need to file and store paper documents; copying has reduced to almost zero and permission based access to documents is available to users.

The Callenge
After a review of current processes, procedures and activities the CEO at ISTD identified the need to streamline cost code structures within Exchequer and improve the way the organisation managed invoices and supporting paperwork. Historically, departmental activities were managed independently and each kept their own set of documentation. The volume and physical management of paperwork was causing pressure on staff and on space. Also, the ability to locate documents quickly to review or answer queries was wasting a great deal of valuable time. Compliance with legal regulations regarding financial document storage, security and availability was paramount and difficult to maintain.

The Solution
Whitegate have implemented File Stream EDM and integrated it with Exchequer. Now, after a purchase invoice has been entered, it is bar-coded and an image is sent via e-mail to the approver with a request to 'approval' or 'reject'. Examination paperwork for invoicing is received into finance and now scanned and filed away electronically instead of photocopied. ISTD now have quick search and retrieval of any supporting document entered into Exchequer.

"Aside from ensuring that all purchases are approved, we've seen a large reduction in photocopying and paper usage and now have instant access to any document. We also no longer worry about where we are going to store and archive our documents."