Cloud Accounting and Electronic Document Management Solutions

Document Security

Risk of loss, fire/flood, theft, corruption, malicious alteration. Electronic data is generally easier to protect against most of these risks than the paper originals, provided that backup routines have been carefully thought through. (To ensure that the backup data is not vulnerable to the same incident that creates the need to restore from backup.)

Electronic filing systems should have a robust system of permissions, ensuring that only those staff who need to can access important data. The system's permissions architecture must be sufficiently sophisticated to enable company management to allow some staff to view and use data, but to deny alteration or deletion of such data. The system should also incorporate a revisions record to identify files that have been edited.

Password procedures should, as always, be properly enforced and policed, and permissions should be reviewed when staff members leave or move to other duties. This is analogous to retrieving the filing cabinet keys from departing staff, but is considerably more effective.