Cloud Accounting and Electronic Document Management Solutions

OCR - Optical Character Recognition

OCROptical Character Recognition (OCR) is an extremely powerful tool for filing documents. The software captures the text content of a document, stores it in the system database and allows retrieval by any of the word(s) at a later date.

File Stream Document Management takes a very flexible approach to the use of OCR. Many Document Management systems take the approach that every document entering the system should go through the OCR process. File Stream Document Management software can be set up to do this if required. However, very often the quality of documents deems them unsuitable for OCR. They may be predominantly handwritten; they may have been produced on an old dot matrix printer or perhaps in the case of something like delivery notes have become crumpled or torn. In these circumstances and many others, a manual tagging process would be much preferable. File Stream Document Management software keeps all options open. We will work through your documents with you offering the best advice for each scenario. Our key goal is always to obtain the best future retrieval success.

The following functionality is available as standard when a File Stream Document Management network system is purchased:

  • Global OCR or whole page OCR. These terms are often used to describe OCR-ing the entire content of a document. However, frequently the information required for future retrieval is detailed on the first page of a document (such as supplier invoices). File Stream Document Management is very flexible, giving choices to OCR the first page only or even just the Top or Bottom half of the page. This avoids processing resources being used up OCR-ing information which will never be used for searching.
  • Regional OCR (text captured from previously defined areas of the document) is also available.