Cloud Accounting and Electronic Document Management Solutions

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We Can Provide You With

  • More Control
  • Accurate & Timely Information
  • Clear Action Plans
  • Reduce On-Going Costs
  • Increase Profitability
  • Better Customer Service
  • Save Time & Space
  • Reduce Stress

5 Reasons To Go Paperless

There are many valid and justifiable reasons to consider investing in a document management system. To start, here are 5 basic reasons why it makes sense:

1. To Save Space
A document management system could reduce the amount of space needed in your office. This reduction in space can contribute to reducing overheads and significantly reduce the amount of square footage your organisation requires.

2. To Save Time
The average office worker spends 40% of their day looking for documents needed to do their job (Gartner Group Consultancy). That is a huge percentage of the working day and a huge contributing factor to costly wasted productivity.

3. Easy Accessibility
Documents saved in a good document management system will be easily accessible and stored securely – fuelling efficiency, productivity and security. You should be able to search one or multiple filing cabinets instantly.

4. Compliance
HMRC states that organisations are required to store invoices for six years whether paper or electronic to comply with current legislation. A good document management system will take care of this element for you – eliminating worry and risk.

5. Recovery
A good document management system will protect your organisation from disaster and, if the worst happens, will help you to make a swift recovery. If a fire engulfed your office, papers would be irreplaceable. However a secure, reliable, backed-up document management system will ensure all documents are saved, backed-up and restored quickly – minimising any potential downtime.

In Summary an electronic document management system helps organisations streamline their existing document management processes into one centralised, efficient and secure environment dramatically improving user access and document security.