Change is something you do or something that happens to you. That’s the choice smart finance leaders make every day. Whitegate coach, consult and train you through the process to transform the finance system and potentially your career; disrupting the norm but bringing forth a new efficient, business-led management information system.

We have the change management knowledge that smart finance leaders use to navigate unknown risks, delivering an accurate data migration driven by frictionless control.

We coach smart finance leaders from the position of our 360 degree view. We have sat in most finance seats and bring a single-client focus enabling us to drive our core financial experience, without outsourcing or delegating, to ensure no detail is missed.

Whitegate is the ideal third party advisor empowering smart finance leaders beyond the overwhelm when it comes to finance system transformation. As the original "Sage Doctor", Whitegate was left with independence from Sage as their only salvation and from those lemons we made the lemonade that built Whitegate itself.

Bringing understanding based on our decades of experience in bookkeeping, IT and change management, our completely trusted operational and strategic grasp speaks to a second-nature love of process, finance and technology. We relish the new challenge of helping finance leaders through the chaos.

Tony and his team in London, 20001990

Whitegate was formed in London (Whitegate Computing Ltd) by Tony Reissner. An experienced Accounting Technician using Multisoft Accounts, Tony established Whitegate as a top performing Sage partner with a focus on honesty and high levels of customer service.


Whitegate became an Exchequer partner and won consecutive awards for customer service excellence. Impletmenting numerous Exchequer solutions and providing Exchequer training, consultancy and support.


Now based in Radlett, Hertfordshire (30 minutes from Central London), Whitegate has partnered with Exact Online, AccountsIQ and a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central partner to deliver 'true' Cloud Accounting advice and solutions to medium sized organisations.


Over 29 years in implementing accounting solutions has given us the experience and know-how to be able to coach you in assessing your needs, selecting the best applications, transfering your data accurately and providing you with the right level of training along with a personal level of service and support.

The focus, however, remains the same; honesty and high levels of customer service based on traditional values.

So if you are looking for a bit of honest advice, contact us today to find out how we may be able to help you.

Simply put we coach Finance Leaders in making the transition to new cloud accounting software with minimal disruption and all the support and training you need.

Although we realise every business is unique, as an overview we will:

  1. Coach you in how to assess your needs and choosing the best option
  2. Transfer your data accurately and smoothly
  3. Provide the right level of training for your new software
  4. Offer a personal level of ongoing service and support

Get in touch to discuss how we could help you make a smooth transition to new accounting software.


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Make Change Happen

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