Sage Taxi in Hatton Garden EC1 Whitegate was formed in 1990 (Whitegate Computing Ltd) by Tony Reissner. As an experienced Accounting Technician using Multisoft Accounts, Tony established Whitegate as a top performing Sage partner with a focus on honesty and high levels of customer service.

Offices were initially in Stanmore, north London and then in London EC1. In 2001 Whitegate became an Exchequer partner and won consecutive awards for customer service excellence.

"The focus has always been on quality not quantity". 

With the advances in Internet technology, the need for physical office space in the city of London was no longer needed. In 2015, now based in Radlett, Hertfordshire, Whitegate partnered with Exact Online to deliver 'true' Cloud Accounting advice and solutions to small and medium sized organisations.

Over 28 years in implementing accounting solutions has given us the experience to know how to assess your needs, transfer your data accurately and provide the right level of training along with a personal level of service and support. The focus, however, remains the same; honesty and high levels of customer service based on traditional values.

So if you are looking for a bit of honest advice, contact us today to find out how we may be able to help you.

Tony Reissner 350 I know from experience (28 years now!) how important it is to be in control of the business finances. By being 'in control', I mean to know, right now, exactly how much money you're owed, how much money you owe and much money you have. Without this information, running a business is a bit like driving a car without glasses (if you need glasses)  - you might get to your destination unscathed but it's gonna be a bit tricky!

Problem is that doing the books is rather tiresome, a job that needs to be done properly but it's not exactly exciting. However, it needs to be done and it needs to be done quite regularly, if not daily. So we need all the help we can get. We need to be confident that we're using software that is robust, well thought out and designed for a bookkeeper/accountant.

I've used quite a few different accounting systems over the years and would say that as time goes on, progress is made, albeit slow. Now, of course, is the time for Cloud Accounting software to take the stage and, although sceptical and unsure at first, after 3 years of using, implementing in a variety of organisations and teaching others how to use it (best way of learning!), I would say that it's pretty good. Not perfect - no such thing but pretty good and it's certainly up to the job of keeping FDs up-to-date providing the data goes in quickly and accurately.

So, the Cloud has definately helped us with getting information quickly - paper bank statements by post are long gone, we can get the information as of now and just need to input it. Automate the input by importing or using a 'bank feed' and we've saved time and potential errors by not having to re-key - this is a reality now. Add on to that 'Bank Rec Rules' and most, not all, but most of the transactions are correctly and consistently allocated to customers, suppliers and GL codes. Now we're left with a few allocations to do and then it's mainly a process of checking. Altogether less labourious than making all the entries. So this is progress.

Of course, the other opportunity that the Cloud brings, assuming your Accounting Software is a true cloud based, software-as-a-service type of application, is that it allows you to give access to others anywhere in the world with a computer and an internet connection. Should you wish, it's now much easier to outsource certain functions to those who have a real passion for entering accounting data accurately!

Happy to discuss and share experience. Have a great day and stay in control!

Tony Discussing Cloud Accounting min Let's take a holistic view to meet your business needs. Experience has proved what we all know, that you cannot look at one element in the search for an ideal solution; all elements need to be viewed as part of the whole system.

With the increasing competition in each industry, the work environments are getting more complex and daily interactions and requirements to survive the competition are becoming more unique for each business.

So, it is not just about the system used – there are many and we have experience with a lot of them; and it is not just about the relationships – however good they are, the wrong implementation will not deliver to the level you require; it is the synergy between the two, combined with an effective working practice and experience, that proves most successful.

This is what we do: Provide solutions for each business and work with you to ensure the value associated with the activities carried out can be evaluated in terms of a return on your investment.

We do this by listening and understanding your needs and commit to delivering realistic, tried and trusted solutions in an honest, professional, fun, and timely manner. Providing you with the ability to produce quality management information, empowering you to make better decisions and allowing you increased control in doing what you are best at - running your organisation.

Expertese in accounting software solutions, cloud accounting solutions, managing change, providing effective training and consultancy.

Business People Discuss Cloud Accounting min Many clients choose to work with us, as they believe in our philosophy and basic code of conduct. We believe in quality not quantity and are interested in delivering solutions.

We maintain our objectivity and integrity at all times when advising clients, which leads to long-term retention and mutual respect. The strength in our organisation is the strength in our collective knowledge and the sharing of that knowledge and experience.

We have experience of implementing new accounting systems in Retail, Law, Education, Hotel, Wholesale, Shipping, TV production, Property, Printing, Marketing, Publishing industries, Public Sector, Recruitment and Charities.

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To deliver cloud accounting solutions.

To listen and understand your needs and commit to delivering realistic, tried and trusted solutions in an honest, professional, fun, and timely manner.

To provide you with the ability to produce quality management information, empowering you to make better decisions and allowing you increased control in doing what you are best at - running your organisation.

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