benugo 300x214Background
Benugo was founded in 1998 by two brothers (Ben and Hugo), and has become one of the most popular coffee and food chains.

The company combines the urban cool of New York's deli sandwich bars with the best of Italian produce, and buys fresh supplies each day for all of its locations - some on the high street, others on-site at large employers.

Benugo's recipe for high-quality sandwiches was having excellent success with its growing number of customers. With the firm growing rapidly, the financial team was finding itself sandwiched between their old accounting software and the need for increasingly sophisticated and up-to-the-minute information.

Often it was taking the best part of over 200 hours to produce end-of-month reports. Not only did this mean long days and nights for Financial Director Tim Parfitt and his team, but it also meant their reports were a bit stale once completed.

Tim initialy looked at improving the company's accounting solution by upgrading to the existing vendor's other product (Sage 200). However, after a closer analysis he realised that Sage didn't really offer Benugo a significant step up over its existing solution nor would it allow him to match his company's own proposition - "the finest ingredients, the finest results".

Tim said "I was looking for an accounting application that would save us a lot of time. However, it wasn't that simple. The package had to be implemented quickly; it needed to be easy to learn and use and we needed a company with the ability to accurately migrate our data from Sage 50. It also had to have the ability to easily import data on a regular basis and have the scalability to cope as we expanded".

Tony Reissner at Whitegate not only assured me that we would find a solution that would meet our  - he proved it. Right from the first meeting through to the implementation process, to support, everything has been delivered on time and as promised".

Now at the end of the month, Tim and his team at Benugo slice through the reports. This not only cut the time to produce routine reports, it has also produced immeasurable financial gains by enabling management to make better informed decisions through having the most current information possible, providing just the sort of edge needed for success in the areas a sophisticated sandwich chain's management must excel in; just in time production whilst satisfying a demanding and foot-loose customer base.