• Exact Online actually has a significantly higher functionality than many of the more well-known products on the market
  • It is a ‘true cloud’ browser based SaaS, not ‘cloud washed’ (selling desktop business software as a cloud product)
  • It includes an integral element of CRM, such as offering the facility to set up multiple contacts per account, the ability to write notes and the option to categorise accounts
  • Exact Online is unusual in the world of cloud accounting software because it was developed holistically by developers who see the process through. Unlike many other suites, the system was designed with many integral features in place - rather than having additional modules bolted on (sometimes counterintuitively) to meet the changing requirements of the financial world
  • Exact Online is able to store all your electronic documents, thus allowing data to be migrated quickly, easily and accurately
  • Offer useful flexibility to create multiple budgets for each financial year, to personalise forms, to link with Excel, to create multiple contacts for each account as well as configurable dashboards within the system
  • The system can operate independently of an accountant, enabling a clear division of fees
  • It offers the option of flexible and competitively-priced outsourcing of data entry
  • In our experience, Exact Online offers great value for money. It’s extensive but affordable, with a lower price tag for the same (or better) levels of functionality offered by many of the more well-known systems.
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