1. Understand what is currently happening. Describe the current systems and draw out the processes.
  2. Identify and clarify your objectives & constraints. Can they measured? Is there a value to achieving the objective? What do you want? Perhaps survey staff to identify their wants and concerns and get buy-in. If possible, pull together a guiding team who can help you look for improvements.
  3. Generate options. There may be some quick wins along with medium and longer term options.
  4. Evaluate the options. Test them. Pilot them. Embrace the unknown and learn from it.
  5. Put together a vision and a strategy / plan of how you are going to get there. Refine the plan. Clarify how to make the future a reality. Make sure others understand and accept the vision and the strategy.
  6. Implement.
  7. Review. Did you do what you said you would do?