It’s not uncommon to download a trial balance into Excel and then make adjustments within Excel to produce the desired set of management reports. Problem is; that we’re back to using Excel and Excel, as good as it is, is notorious for allowing us humans to make mistakes.

Browser based accounting software will probably have ‘Dashboards’. Dashboards show top level summary views of information often in a graphical form.

One of the key benefits of accounting period control is the ability to close off each ledger once entering transactions for the period has been completed. This prevents users from changing information in a period where management reports have already been produced.

  • True browser based cloud solution
  • Accounting period control
  • Ability to handle profit/cost centres as well as departments/cost units
  • Multiple budget scenarios
  • Ease of uploading and downloading information from/to Excel
  • Import/feed bank statement data with good reconciliation functionality and ‘rules’
  • Easily classify sales and purchase accounts into multiple groups
  • Upload and view purchase invoice pdfs with data-entry fields on same screen
  • Handle foreign currency transactions storing the FC value as well as the base currency value, keeping track of exchange rates on a daily basis and good revaluation process.

What’s the difference between a browser based cloud application and the others?