There are a variety of accounting solutions out there so where do you start? 

There is a methodology to finding the right solution at a price point that fits your organisation. It is based on a simple and effective System Implementation Strategy designed for Smart Finance Leaders who value and appreciate that the time and effort put in before making a decision to change will pay dividends in the longer term. 

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The strategy works because it is based on gaining a deeper understanding of your needs by examining and documenting how your organisation's finance function currently works and then helping you to craft a vision that meets your objectives in order of priority and within your budget. 

We can then coach you to model your requirements on a selection of cloud applications in order for you to experience how well the 'solutions' work for your organisation so that you can clearly understand potential limitations as well as positive benefits. You and your colleagues then decide if, when and how to implement the solution to your needs in a balanced way and with confidence.