Duotone Full Logo NavyOrangeComboWhere would we have been without you? You have been an incredible support. I didn't even think it was possible to find someone to do even half of what you have done with us, and more importantly, in the gentle and nurturing way that you have done it.

Alison Chambers, CEO, University of Exeter Students' Guild

arts su 300x225"Tony’s presentation and training style is warm and engaging. He leaves you in a more knowledgable position and, unlike others who can leave you overwhelmed, instead a sense of empowerment. Would highly recommend Whitegate and their services.”

Fiona Slaven, Arts Students' Union

ludlowthompson"We found it preferable to deal with a specialist who can interpret our requirements and propose a practicle solution. You have the time, ability and incentive to match client requirements to the applications. You also have an indepth knowledge and the technical experience to understand your clients' accounting needs."

Roger Garlick, Ludlow Thompson

phoenix equity 300"Whitegate put in the effort to understand our slightly unusual requirements and came up with a solution in a professional way. Some vendors are not able to satisfy individualistic requirements and are not easy to call upon at short notice or when needed; they lack your 'personal touch' - all approachable individuals who inspire confidence."

Roger Parry, Phoenix Equity Partners

become 300"Personalised and local service are both important to us; being smaller invariably leads to a personalised service. Your knowledge and most importantly you and your contacts are your key strengths. You are comfortable with accounting terms and make us equally comfortable whenever we need to talk. The changeover was the least troublesome that I have ever come across."

Tony Bolger, Become Recruitment

benugo 300x214"You understood our business requirements very well and were happy to invest time in order to ensure I was happy with the solution. You are prepared to put in the hours to deliver, have a good understanding of business requirements and good response times to queries."

Tim Parfitt, Benugo

Quadrant Chambers"Whitegate's style is not to give you the 'hard sell' but, rather, recommend a product only if they are convinced it is right for your business after a careful appraisal of existing processes."

Mike Hammond, Quadrant Chambers

"I felt comfortable because you proposed credible solutions and were locally based. At the time I would have considered buying direct, depending on the cost implication. That, however, would have been because I had no experience of the additional value that could be added by a local specialist. You listened to my exact requirements and responded in such a way that demonstrated that you had understood and the training was customised likewise. Other Strengths include: Speed of response, making sure each question receives the best possible answer, and a culture of simple, effectively administered, professionalism."

Bruce Taylor, Dovetail

"Thank you for the training day, we found it helpful. We will be in contact with any queries as you guys have always been very supportive and we do appreciate that. We found the training very useful and it defintitely met our needs. We will keep in touch with you and Tony in case of any queries. Thanks again for a great training session."

Ella, Greenwich Hospital

"To actually get someone to totally understand what is required in such a short space of time is very difficult and I compliment you on the way in which you have achieved that...Also the friendly and comfortable atmosphere that you created helped us a great deal in that we were able to give you a better idea of our needs."

Mike, Global Marketing